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Food and Beverages Supervisor

strong leadership problem-solving customer service and organizational skills. Detail-oriented individuals with strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work with diverse personnel such as food vendors cooks restaurant managers and servers the ability to work in teams and multi-tasking are other important capabilities for food and beverage supervisors

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Posh VI


·         BS.c in a good degree

·         Completion of a food service administration, hotel or restaurant management course is an asset

·         Excellent sales skills

·         Excellent customer service skills

·         Good communication skills

·         Leadership skills

·         Proven human resource management skills such as training, motivation,

·         Excellent organizational skills

·         Must be of legal drinking age if working in a licensed facility

·         Knowledge of the products, services, sector, industry and local area

·         Knowledge of relevant legislation and regulations

·         FOODSAFETY

·         Serving It Right



·         Supervise and schedule food and beverage staff

·         Customer satisfaction

·         Resolve customer complaints, as well as internal conflict among staff

·         Order and maintain inventory control costs

·         Oversee food service, to ensure the timely movement of completed food orders from the kitchen to customer table.

·         Assigning duties to employees as needed to ensure smooth F&B operations

·         Training new employees on F&B operations

·         Providing employees with recognition and feedback throughout shifts

·         Resolving customer requests and other issues that arise during shifts

·         Taking and serving customer orders

·         Assisting other employees when help is needed

·         Communicating with other supervisors to facilitate smooth shift transitions

·         Cleaning and maintaining equipment