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Housekeeping Communication Attention to details Observation Reporting Customer friendly -
Organizational Skill Cleaning Skill Communication Skill Leadership Skill Teamwork Posh Metro
Accounting Skill Analytic and Communication Skill Data Processing Skill Spreadsheet skill HEAD OFFICE
Marketing Sales Digital Social media savvy Analytic Inovacao Limited
Creativity Interative Branding Communication Fast Thinker Problem Solving Inovacao Limited
Attentive listening Food safety Multitasking Effective Communication Positive Language Problem Solving Posh VI
Cooking Skill Food Presentation Skill Creativity Knowledge Food Preparation Skill Posh VI
Communication Call etiquette Organization skill Interpersonal Posh VI
Programming php language Software development Inovacao Limited
Sales marketing Negotiation HEAD OFFICE
preventative maintenance handson electrical hvac plumbing HEAD OFFICE